Connecting TRX Services

1. Plug cables:

You will need an ethernet cable. Plug terminal via ethernet cable to your router and also plug in the power.

2. Activate your terminal

Call TRX Support team at 888.933.8797 and ask them to guide you through activating your account

3. Retrieve the terminal's IP address and set up port.

  1. Power on the terminal.
  2. Press the * key to access the CREDIT/DEBIT menu, and then press 0.
  3. Press the far left purple key. The IP address displays.
  4. Write down the IP address. Note: You will need this to complete the terminal download.
  5. Return to the CREDIT/DEBIT menu, and then restart the application.

4. Set up port:

1. Enable POS Listen Mode with TCPIP

2. After the download is complete and the terminal resets to the idle prompt:

3. Access the Admin Menu by pressing the purple key to the right of the ALPHA key. Note: If the terminal is already in listen mode, then press the 3rd purple from the left to enter Admin mode.

4. Scroll until Configure POS Mode displays.

5. Select TCPIP.

6. Enter the port number. Note: You may use any valid TCP port.

7. Select Enable POS Mode.

8. Select Disable Print.

9. Exit by pressing the red key until the Welcome screen displays.

5. Setup TRX Configuration in Sudzy POS

To allow Sudzy POS take payments through the terminal we will configure the terminal in the Payments settings. To do so:

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Payments
  • Make sure that the Payment Gateway is "TRX"
  • Setup the TRX Device Address to http://<ip>:<port>
  • Close the setting window, you are all done!

Optionally enable tips.