Step 1: Is there paper in the printer?

Step 2: Is the paper loaded correctly?

Step 3: Is there a green light in front of the printer? If not make sure the printer is turned on.

Step 4: Is the Bluetooth connected? Go to iPad Settings -> Bluetooth and make sure Star Micronics is connected. If not follow these steps to connect it and make sure autoconnect is on.

Step 5: Open the StarPRNT SDK app. If it's not downloaded yet download it in the Apple Store. Make sure the Star Micronics printer is connected. Do a test 3" printing and select Star 650II as the device.

If the printer didn't print, call Star Micronics technical support: 18007827636 x995

Step 6:

If the printer did print in StarPRNT SDK, go back to Sudzy POS.

Go to Settings -> Devices and click the first button "Default".

Go to Settings -> Printers and click "Test Ticket Printing." If it still doesn't work, email Sudzy Support at to create a ticket.