Sudzy Message

Sudzy Message is an add-on that allows you to see all your customer communications in one place. See what customers are texting your store and what employees are texting them. Automatically see the name of the customer texting you, since Message syncs with Sudzy POS.

1. Download Sudzy Message on your and your employees’ phones or iPad.

Download from Google Play (for Android)

Download from Apple Store (for iOS)

2. Log in to Sudzy Message with the phone number that is attached to your employee account in the portal.

3. Give your customers your new phone number. For example, you can give out flyers saying “Text <<number>> to schedule pickup.”

4. See messages: When a customer texts this number it will appear in Sudzy Message and you can reply to them. You will get a push notification. If someone calls this number it will redirect them to your store landline.