Step 2 Configure Store

In this step we will log in to your manager portal and configure your prices and employees. This will take some time but you only have to do it once.

Part 1: Log in to Sudzy Manage on your computer

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with the username and password provided by Sudzy.

Part 2: Add Employees

  1. On the left side of the manager portal, click Employees -> Manage.
  2. Click "+Add Employee".
  3. Enter yourself first. Add your name, set your role to Management, a 4-digit pin, and your mobile. The rest of the fields are optional.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat this process for each of your employees. The pin is what they will use to clock in and out and to perform actions like opening the cash drawer.
  6. Give your employees their pin codes.

Part 3: Configure Prices

Click Pricing on the left side of the manager portal. Take a few minutes to make sure you understand what the four pages are. If you need help you can contact Support.

  • Items: Your default items and base prices (for example, wash fold price per pound, skirts, pants, shirts).
  • Groups: If you have different prices for different types of customers (for example hotels vs regular customers), add the different groups here.
  • Rules: Rules are where you specify what is different for each of your billing groups. For example, if washfold is $1 by default but $0.50 for a certain hotel, you will add the different washfold price here.
  • Upcharges: Upcharges are where you charge extra for certain properties. For example, maybe beads adds $2 to a skirt drycleaning or air-dry adds $2 to washfold.

Let's break it down one at a time.


  1. Go to Items. To edit an item click the yellow button next to an item. Click "+Add Item" to add a new item.
  2. You can move items up and down with the up and down arrow to change the order they appear in the POS.
  3. Item properties you may want to change include: name, type (washfold, drycleaning, etc), default price, measurement (e.g. pounds, pieces). You can ignore default quantity; it is just what the keypad is initially set to when adding the item in an order.
  4. After saving an item, you can change the picture by clicking on the picture to the left of the item.


  1. In Groups, add a group by clicking "+Add Pricing Group."
  2. Enter the name and minimum order price.
  3. Click "Save."
  4. Move on to Rules below to learn how to configure how this group's pricing is different from the default group.


If you have added different billing groups, now you say which items have a different price than the default items.

For example, let's say you added a Group called "Magic Hotel" and washfold costs $0.50 per pound for them instead of $1.00 for your regular customers.

1. Click "+Add New Rule."

2. Select the item under Name ("Wash and Fold"). Select the Pricing Group ("Magic Hotel"). Set the price to $0.50.

3. Click Save.

4. Repeat this for any items that are different for each group.


Upcharges are where you specify that certain items may have additional fees.

For example, let's say that a skirt drycleaning costs $2 extra if it has beads.

1. Click "+Add New Upcharge."

2. Under ISBN select the item the upcharge applies to (Skirt). Enter a name (Beads). Add the upcharge price ($2).

3. Click save.

4. Repeat for all upcharges on all items.

(Optional) Taxes

1. Go to Pricing -> Taxes.

2. Click "+ Add New Tax."

3. Enter the tax percent rate. For example, 8.875.

If you want every item to have this tax: check "Default rate to all items." To download this change in Sudzy POS go to Settings and click "Update Store Configuration."

If you want different taxes for different items: Leave "default rate to all items" unchecked. After saving the tax, go to Pricing -> Items . Click "Edit" for the item you want to apply a tax to and set the Tax Rate (see image below). To download these changes in Sudzy POS go to Settings and click "Update Store Configuration."

Adding tax rates under Pricing -> Taxes

Part 4. Configure Delivery Checkpoints

If you purchased the branded mobile app or will be receiving online orders, you can customize your Delivery checkpoints. These are different statuses you can set for your deliveries in the POS. For example, submitted, approved, en route pickup, in progress, en route dropoff, complete.

In the Portal, go to Add-Ons -> Mobile App -> Settings. You can set up to 6 checkpoints here. You will later be able to see your deliveries and change their checkpoint in the POS under Reports.

Part 5: Download Sudzy Manage on your phone

Download Sudzy Manage on your phone to see read-only reports on orders, payments, and employee timesheets on the go.

  1. Go to the app store on your phone.
  2. Search for Sudzy Manage and download it.
  3. Log in.