Online Ordering

Configure your online ordering

The online ordering widget allows customers to schedule with your store online. Here is an example widget showing the customer experience. This tutorial will guide you through how to customize your widget to have your own branding and store settings.

Go to Portal -> Add-Ons -> Mobile App -> Store.

Configure the below and make sure to click Save in the top right when you're done.

General Settings:

  • Store name
  • Logo url
  • Primary color (select a hexadecimal color)
  • Mobile number
  • Mobile number customers can text
  • (Optional) terms and conditions URL

Store Hours:

Store open hours must be formatted exactly like in the picture above. Leave blank if closed that day.

Customer Form Settings

Specify whether apartment and email are required.

Delivery Hours:

Delivery hours must be formatted as in the image above. If you don't do deliveries on a day leave it blank.

Delivery Windows

Add one or more delivery windows. Delivery windows must be formatted as in the above image.

Also add maximum turnaround time in hours for washfold and dryclean. This will determine the earliest a customer can schedule their delivery.

Area of Service

Do you want to limit your deliveries to a specific geographic area? For this you will set up a polygon. This is a series of geocordinates (latitudes and longitudes) that define your delivery zone.

Here is a polygon encoder you can use to determine your coordinates. Your polygon must have the same start and end points.

You will then enter your coordinates in the Area of Service section. Click the + sign to add additional points. After adding your coordinates make sure to click Save in the top right of the page to save your changes.

Here is an example of a fully configured polygon. You may have less coordinates. Note the start and end points are the same:


Set your order minimum.

Add item prices that customers will see.

Optionally add extra care settings you want customers to be able to select and either set price to 0 or a dollar amount.

Add different tip options. You can either add a tip as a percent amount or fixed amount.

Share your online ordering link

Your online ordering link will be provided to you in your onboarding. Share it with customers or link to it on your website. If you want customers to be able to text "pickup" to a number to automatically have the link texted to them, contact for the Sudzy Customer Support App/ Message upgrade.

View Online Orders

Here is how you will see the online orders :

  • In the POS. Note that delivery orders are automatically created. You will Search for the customer instead of going to Dropoff when the clothing arrives to your store. Delivery order ids start with a 9 instead of 0 as for walkins. You will see the tips and any notes customers added.
  • In the Sudzy Driver app
  • In the Portal Delivery Report
  • You'll get an email with the delivery details