Sudzy Setup

This video shows you the value you will get at the end of the process by making it easy for your customers to schedule pickup and delivery by text and web.

Step 1: Experience Your Store Tools

Add Employees

Adding employees lets you use the Sudzy Driver app and manage online orders.

  1. Visit the owner portal ( on your computer.
  2. Log in with the username and password provided by
  3. On the left side of the manager portal, click Employees -> Manage.
  4. Click "+Add Employee".
  5. Enter yourself first. Add your name, set your role to Driver, a 4-digit pin, and your mobile. The rest of the fields are optional.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat this process for each of your employees.

Download Sudzy Message / Customer Support App

Sudzy sets up a different phone line for each store. When customers text 'pickup' to this number, it automatically texts them a link to schedule online. If they text anything else, you and your employees can see what they write and reply.

  1. Download Sudzy Message in the iOS App Store or Google Playstore on your phone and your employees phones.
  2. Log in with any phone number you added for an employee in the step above.
  3. Try it out: Simulating a customer, text “Hi” to your Sudzy Message line from a mobile phone. Now open Sudzy Message and you’ll see the text as the store.
  4. Stimulating a customer, text "pickup" to your Sudzy Message line from a mobile phone. It will send the link to your online ordering.
  5. If you don’t have push notifications turned on you may want to enable them on your phone or iPad.

Download Sudzy Driver app

In the Sudzy Driver app, your drivers will see deliveries for today and be able to track them.

  1. Download Sudzy Driver in the IOS App Store or Google Playstore.
  2. Log in. The username is the phone number of any employee added in Portal in the first step above whose role was set to Driver. The password is the employee's 4-digit pincode.
  3. Go through the Sudzy Driver tutorial and share it with your drivers.

Step 2: Configure Your Online Ordering

Configure online ordering

  1. Log in to with the credentials provided by
  2. Follow the Online Ordering Setup tutorial to customize your delivery hours, prices customers see, etc.

Optional - Configure Routes

You can create weekly recurring routes where you pick up from customers at the same time each week. Customers get a text each week reminding them that you are picking up. If they reply SKIP they are automatically removed from the manifest.

See the routes tutorial.

Step 3: Manage Online Orders

Online orders are managed in the Sudzy POS app on any iPad.

Set up your store

Visit the owner portal ( on your computer to set up your prices and employees following the Getting Started Step 1. Configure Store tutorial.

OPTIONAL - Hardware

The minimum hardware you need is an iPad (10.2 or 12.9 inch). For drycleaners with many modifiers, 12.9 inch is strongly recommended.

If you get any of the optional hardware (ticket printer, cash drawer, tag printer, or barcode scanner) go through Getting Started Step 2. Hardware tutorial

Install Sudzy POS

Download Sudzy POS on your iPad on the iOS App Store.

Follow the Getting Started Step 3. Installing Sudzy App tutorial

First Time Use

You will set up your Sudzy POS iPad app and do a test order following the Step 4. First Time Use tutorial.

Learn POS Delivery page

The Delivery page in the Sudzy POS app allows you to view a list of your deliveries, schedule deliveries, and cancel deliveries. Review Delivery Page tutorial.

Step 4: Promote Your Online Ordering

Activate Payment processing

With integrated card processing, swipe a card once or collect a card from customers online. The card will then be saved for one-click charging on future orders. Contact any of the processors at this page to activate an account.

After your account is live, email to connect your account.

Add Schedule Pickup button to your website

We recommend having your web designer add a Schedule Pickup button to your website that links to your online ordering page. See for an example.

Send a text blast

Sending your customers a text message about your new online ordering is a great way to convert walkins to deliveries.

The average drycleaner texts 2,000-3,000 customers. The more customers you text the more customers learn about your delivery service!

Send the list of customer phones you want to text for a quote.