Step 2 - Setup Hardware

Set up the Sudzy POS hardware

In this section we will go through the process of setting up the Sudzy POS hardware.

The tickets printer (left) and the iPad in its mount (right)

What You Need:

  1. Apple iPad Pro
  2. iPad security stand (Nollie iPad Kiosk)
  3. Star Micronics TSP650ii Tickets Printer - with Bluetooth connectivity
  4. 16'' Cash Drawer - Star Micronics
  5. Optional - Star Micronics SP700 Ethernet Connectivity - Tag Printer
  6. Optional - Barcode scanner - Socket Mobile

1. Assemble the security stand to your Apple iPad

To make sure your iPad is secured and mounted on a counter safely, we will assemble the iPad mount into your iPad. For this end you will need to use this diagram to set up the Nollie stand with your iPad

2. Setup iPad

Turn on your iPad and configure it as in the video below. You will create an Apple ID if you don't already have one. Make sure you write down your Apple ID and pincode and store it somewhere safe.

Once your iPad is up and running you can prevent it from turning off (auto-locking) every few minutes. Go to iPad Settings -> General -> Auto-lock -> Never.

3. Connect Ticket Printer (650ii)

Remove your Star Micronics 650II bluetooth printer from the box. Plug it into the wall and insert 3 1/8" thermal paper. Follow the steps in the video below to connect the printer to the iPad's Bluetooth.

4. Connect Cash Drawer

Take the cable that came with the cash drawer. Connect the side that says "Cash drawer" to the cash drawer and "Printer" to the printer.

This video can help you as well

5. (OPTIONAL) Connect Tag Printer (SP700)

If you got the optional tag printer, you will connect it via ethernet to your router box. Make sure it is connected to the same wifi router that your iPad wifi will connect to.

Insert 3" bond paper.

6. (OPTIONAL) Connect Barcode Scanner

Sudzy POS works with any Socket Mobile scanner (buy here). To connect a scanner to the iPad, download the Socket Mobile Companion app on the App Store and it will guide you through how to connect the scanner to the iPad Bluetooth.

Now that your hardware is set up, Go to Step 3. Installing Sudzy For the First Time