Shift Summary

  • Started: The time the last shift report was printed and closed.
  • Ending: The time the shift report is being closed now.
  • Number of Orders: How many orders were created between the Started and Ending times
  • Cash Collected: How much cash was taken from orders during the shift. For example, if you charged $100 in cash for laundry orders during the shift, Cash Collected would be $100.
  • Opening Balance: How much cash was left in the drawer the last time the shift was closed (the amount "Keep in Cash Drawer" was set to the last time you clicked the "Print Report and Close Shift button). For example, if you left $0 in the cash drawer when you closed the shift the previous night, it would be $0 when closing the shift tonight.
  • Shift Ops: How much cash was withdrawn with the cash withdrawal feature (Sudzy POS home page hamburger button -> Open Cash Drawer)
  • Cash Expected: How much cash should be in the cash drawer before closing the shift. This is the Cash Collected minus the Shift ops. For example, if you did $100 in cash payments on laundry orders and withdrew $10 during the shift, Cash Expected would be $90.
  • Withdrawal Amount: The Cash Expected minus the amount set for Keep in Cash Drawer. For example, if $100 is Cash Expected and you set Keep in Cash Drawer to $20, the Withdrawal Amount will be $80
  • Total Cash Balance: How much you are keeping in the cash drawer after the shift closing. If you want to take all cash out of the cash drawer after the shift and set Keep in Cash Drawer to $0, Total Cash Balance will be $0 upon shift closing.