POS-Take Payment

Payments Summary

With Sudzy it is easy to process a payment. You only have to swipe or enter card once then it will be stored there for future orders with highest level security.

Make A Payment

1. Go to an order from the Dropoff, Search, or Pickup button on the Dashboard.

2. After adding items, click the Pay button in the bottom

3. Select payment option (see Image 1)

      • Stored cards
      • Enter card manually
      • Swipe card
      • Cash
      • Cash With Change
      • Paid by (Delivery.com, Wholesale, etc)

4. Click "Approve Payment." (see Image 2)

5. Receipt will print and payment will show in Order Details.

8. When payment success page turns green, click Close in top right (See Image 2)

(Image 1) Select payment option

(Image 2) Payment success page

Refund Payment

1. Swipe left on the payment in order details.

2. Click Refund button (See Image 3).

3. A refund receipt will print

(Image 3) Refund payment

Delete Cards

1. Click Manage Cards in top of pay modal

2. Click delete button that will appear to right of card (See Image 5)

3. Click Close Options in top of pay modal

(Image 5) Delete card

Charge Accounts

See Bookkeeping to learn how to charge multiple orders for charge account customers (for example customers with weekly or monthly billing).