Marketing Summary

Sudzy Marketing allows you to send targeted text campaigns to your customers and to create and track coupons / promo codes. When customers redeem a coupon via online ordering, the coupon will automatically be applied to their order in the POS.

In this tutorial we will go through an example where you will give customers coming from Yelp 20% off their first order.

Create Discounts

Before creating promo codes you must first create discounts that can be applied in the POS. Discounts are created in the portal under Pricing -> Discounts.

Click "+Add New Discount."

  • Name: The name is the name that will appear on the icon in the POS.

  • Discount amount: The dollar or percent amount that will be discounted

  • Discount type: Percent or fixed

  • Items Type: all, washfold, drycleaning or wash press

  • Enable or disable discount

  • Show or hide in POS

After adding a discount, you must download it in the POS under Settings -> "Update Store Configuration." The discount will then appear as a tile on the order page.

In the example below, we create the 20% off coupon that we will use in our Yelp online ordering button example.

Create Coupons / Promo Codes

Now that you've created your 20% off discount, you will create the coupon / promo code that customers can redeem online.

Go to Portal -> Marketing -> Coupons and click "+Add New Coupon".

  • Code: The code your customers will redeem.

  • Description: What customers will see in the online ordering checkout

  • Discount: The discount we created in the step above that you want to attach to the coupon

  • Target: New or existing customers

  • Promo code is enabled: Check off to enable or disable

You will be able to track the promo code's application with the Performance button to the right of the promo code.

In the example below, we create a YELP20 promo code that will apply the 20% off discount we created in the step above.

Add promo codes to links

When you give customers the link to your online ordering, you can include coupon codes as a query parameter so the coupon will automatically be applied for customers.

This is the format for the URL:

Now when customers go to that online ordering link they will see that the promo code was applied:

In Yelp you can add a Call to Action button that will link to your online ordering with your YELP20 promo code attached to the URL. Here's instructions on creating this button in Yelp.

Google Analytics Integration

Configure the google analytics integration in Portal -> Addons > Mobile App > Store > under the General card you will see how to setup the Google Tracker Id (UA-xxxxxx-x)