Step 1: Is there paper in the printer?

Step 2: Is the paper loaded correctly?

Step 3: Is there a green light in front of the printer? If not make sure the printer is turned on.

Step 4: Is the Bluetooth connected? Go to iPad Settings -> Bluetooth and make sure Star Micronics is connected. If not follow these steps to connect it and make sure autoconnect is on.

Step 5: Open the StarPRNT SDK app. If it's not downloaded yet download it in the Apple Store. Make sure the Star Micronics printer is connected. Do a test 3" printing and select Star 650II as the device.

If the printer didn't print, call Star Micronics technical support: 18007827636 x995

Step 6:

If the printer did print in StarPRNT SDK, go back to Sudzy POS.

Kill the app by hitting the home button twice and swiping up Sudzy POS. Then reopen Sudzy POS.

Go to Settings -> Devices and click the first button "Default".

Go to Settings -> Printers and click the four types (tickets, receipts, tags, reports) and set them to Star650ii again.

Go to Settings -> Printers and click "Test Ticket Printing." If nothing comes out of the printer, email Sudzy Support at