Configure Products

1. Click hamburger icon in top left in dashboard

2. Click Settings

3. Click Products button.

4. If you add a tax, enter the tax percent.

5. Add an item by scanning the SKU with barcode scanner or clicking Add Item. Configure product and click Save Product (see Image 2)

6. Edit or delete an item by scanning the SKU or clicking the item. (see Image 3)

7. Click Close in top right to exit.

(Image 1) In Settings -> Products add and edit items.

(Image 2) Add Product

(Image 3) Edit or Delete product

Make a Purchase

1. Click the bag icon in top right of dashboard.

2. Add items by clicking them or scanning SKU. (see Image 1)

3. Edit item by tapping it. (see Image 2)

4. Delete item by swiping right and clicking trash icon. (see Image 3)

5. Charge customer by clicking Checkout and selecting payment method. (see Image 4)

6. Refund payment by clicking Last Purchases button in bottom right then clicking Refund (see Image 5)

(Image 1) Add items

(Image 2) Edit items

(Image 3) Delete items

(Image 4) Checkout

(Image 5) Refund