Sudzy Driver

Download Driver App

Download Sudzy Driver on iOS or Android App Store. Also download Waze if you would like to get directions.

Drivers will be able to see deliveries that were added in the POS or scheduled by the customer in the online ordering widget.

Log In

Log in with the phone and password you created for Driver role types in the employee setup in portal.

Refresh Deliveries

Swipe down at the top.

Optimize Route

Click on the deliveries you want to optimize for a certain hour. You will see a purple checkmark. Click the Optimize button in the top right (see below). The orders will be rearranged.

You can also change the order of a route by clicking the Reorder in the middle and dragging and dropping the orders.

Then you can see the checked deliveries on a map by clicking the Map button.

Accept or Reject Delivery

Swipe left on delivery and click "Accept" or "Reject". One of the circles to left of pickup will then be green (accepted) or red (rejected).

Get Directions

Swipe left on the delivery and click "Drive". This will show directions in Waze.

Mark delivery as done

Swipe left on delivery and click "Done". Both buttons to left of the delivery will then be green.

You will then have the option to print if you want. Otherwise click Close.

Optional - Print Tags