Order -Dropoff

Create A Dropoff

Step 1. Click Dropoff icon in Dashboard

Step 2. Select customer

To search for an existing customer, search by name, phone, or last 4 digits of phone then tap their name. (See Image 1 below)

To create a new customer, click signup button. Name and mobile are required. You can assign the customer to a different billing group on the right. Click "+ Signup" button to save. (See Image 2 below)

(Image 1) Search for customer

(Image 2) Create new customer

Step 3. Add Items

Add Washfold Item

Click an item. Set the quantity and optionally add upcharges. Click Save in bottom. (See Image 3 below).

Add Drycleaning Item

Click an item. Select quantity, colors, brands and materials, and upcharges. (See Image 4 below)

See Order Details

The order details are on the right. See all items, quantity, prices, payments, total, and balance. (See Image 5 below).

Edit Item

Click item in the order details to edit it. A window will pop up where you can edit the item.

Delete Item

Swipe right on the icon and click Delete button. (See Image 6 below).

(Image 3) Add Washfold item

(Image 4) Add Dryclean Item

(Image 5) See order details on right where you can click item to edit or swipe right and click trash to delete.

(Image 6) Delete an item by swiping right and clicking trash icon.

Step 4. Other Optional Actions

  • Edit Customer: Click customer in top right (Image 7 below). Edit customer details and click Save in top right ( Image 8 below).
  • Archive: The Archive button in the bottom lets you delete an order if there have been no payments on the order. (Image 9 below)
  • Order Notes: Click Note button at the bottom of the order page. Enter note and click Close in top right. You will see the note in the order details on the right (Image 10). If you want to add a note to a customer rather than a specific order, go to the edit customer page.
  • Print Tags: Click the Tags button in the bottom of the order page. Click “Print Tags” to print a tag for every drycleaning piece (Image 11). If you want to automatically print tags when you save an order, go to Settings -> Printers and set autoprint tags to true.
  • Select Due Date: Select which day an order will be ready by clicking the Due button in the bottom. Click the day the order will be ready (Image 12).
  • Pay: Click the Pay button in the bottom (Image 13). See Payments for instructions
  • Apply Coupons/Loyalty: Click Loyalty button in bottom. Select a discount or enter a coupon. (Image 14)

(Image 7) Click to edit customer

(Image 8) Edit Customer

(Image 9) Archive order

(Image 10) Add order note

(Image 11) Print Tags

(Image 12) Select when order due

(Image 13) Pay

(Image 14) Coupons/Loyalty

Step 5. Print Ticket

To print a ticket click the printer icon next in the top of the order details section. Or click the "Done" button and then the "Print" button.

Step 6. Save Order

Click the "Done" button.