Reports Summary

There are several types of reports you can see:

  • Orders
  • Performance
  • Payments
  • Customers
  • Timeline
  • Purchases
  • Credits
  • Rack Inventory
  • Deliveries

Order Reports

See order information, including order id, customer, mobile, date, price, and balance. Use Advanced Filters to search by a specific daterange, see only orders with debt, or search for a specific customer and generate a PDF invoice. (Image 1)


See performance of specific items over a specific timeframe. For example, how many shirts did you do this month?

Customer History

In the Orders section, enter the specific customer. Select a time period. If you want, print report or mark all as paid. (Image 2)

Payment Reports

See payment information, including order id, customer, date, method, and amount. Filter by cash or credit. (Image 3)

Timeline Reports

See activities that occurred in the POS, for example cash register opens. Filter by specific types. Note to see these activities you must enable tracking in POS -> Settings -> Security. (Image 5)


If you sell products like detergents, see the sales and inventory. Read more here.


If you give customers credit (in POS under Pickups -> Credit), see credits given and why.

Rack Inventory

See items that were racked and how long they've been on the rack.


See all your pickups and deliveries. (See Image 6 below)

(Image 1) Order Reports

(Image 2) Customer History

(Image 3) Payment history

(Image 5) Timeline Reports

(Image 6 ) Deliveries Report