Reports Summary

There are five types of reports you can see:

  • Orders
  • Customer History (from Orders page)
  • Payments
  • Deposits
  • Timeline

Order Reports

See order information, including order id, customer, mobile, date, price, and balance. (Image 1)

Customer History

In the Orders section, enter the specific customer. Select a time period. If you want, print report or mark all as paid. (Image 2)

Payment Reports

See payment information, including order id, customer, date, method, and amount. (Image 3)


See deposits to your bank account. (Image 4)

Timeline Reports

See activities that occurred in the portal, for example cash register opens. (Image 5)

(Image 1) Order Reports

(Image 2) Customer History

(Image 3) Payment history

(Image 4) Deposits

(Image 5) Timeline Reports