How to Generate Payslips for your employees

Enter your Sudzy portal at

  1. In the menu, navigate to Employees > Timesheets

2. Select and employee and from / to dates at the top. Then click the purple "Payroll" button.

3. If the employee is paid hourly, make sure "Pay per hour" and "Hours worked" is accurate. You can change the times worked by clicking the edit button next to a date.

If the employee has a base salary, set "Pay per hour" to 0 and set "Basic Pay" to the base salary. You can also add "Deductions" or "Additional Pay" (for example, bonuses).

You can add clock in/out manually by clicking on the "+" sign. Or edit an existing clock in/out by clicking on the pen action icon. Lastly, you can remove a clock in by simply clicking on the trash icon.

You can add a comment for a date by clicking the edit button next to the date and typing a comment.

4. Once you confirm the hours are correct, click "Print Payslip." It will generate a PDF that looks like this:

5. Print a copy for both the employee and yourself.

Are you interested in having the ability to pay your employees through the portal? If so email us at