Pricing Summary

Pricing is divided into four sections:

  • Items: Set your base items and prices. Every billing group will have the same items but you can override the prices for different groups in Rules.
  • Groups: Add billing groups and order minimums.​
  • Rules: ​Set the rules for different billing groups. For example, if you added a Unicorn Hotel in the Groups section, you would go to Rules to say that Wash Fold is $2 per pound for Unicorn Hotel, rather than $1 per pound as in the default Items.
  • Upcharges: Add upcharges to specific items. For example, "fancy" and "beads" for a skirt.


Items (Image 1) lets you configure the base items that all billing groups share. You can override the prices in the Rules page.

Don't forget to download any changes in the POS! See Settings -> General

Change Item Picture:

1.Click on the picture of the item to the left.

2. Select new picture from the list of options.

Change Item Ordering:

1. Click the blue down arrow or red up arrow to move around the items

Edit Items:

1. Click the yellow edit button next to the item.

2. Properties you can edit (Image 2):

(Image 1) Items page

(Image 2) Edit Items


Groups (Image 3) lets you add billing groups.

Don't forget to sync any changes in the POS! See Settings

Add Billing Group

1. Click "+ Add Pricing Group" button in top right.

2. Add name and minimum order amount.

3. Click save.

Delete Billing Group

1. Click yellow trashcan button under Actions column

(Image 3) Billing groups

Configure Rules For Billing Groups

Rules lets you configure special prices for the different billing groups you add in the Groups page.

Don't forget to sync any changes in the POS! See Settings

Add New Rule

1. Click "+Add New Rule" button in top right.

2. On the right, configure the following properties for the new rule (Image 4):

Edit Rule

1. Click yellow button under Actions column

2. Change any of the properties described above

3. Click Save button

(Image 4) Configure billing group rules

Configure Taxes

1. Go to Pricing -> Taxes.

2. Click "+ Add New Tax."

3. Enter the tax percent rate. For example, 8.875.

If you want every item to have this tax: check "Default rate to all items." To download this change in Sudzy POS go to Settings and click "Update Store Configuration."

If you want different taxes for different items: Leave "default rate to all items" unchecked. After saving the tax, go to Pricing -> Items . Click "Edit" for the item you want to apply a tax to and set the Tax Rate (see image below). To download these changes in Sudzy POS go to Settings and click "Update Store Configuration."

Adding tax rates under Pricing -> Taxes

Assigning different tax to different items