How Routes Improve My Business?

Routes allows you to create delivery routes. Customers get text notifications at a designated time each week where they can reply to Skip and which remind them of the delivery. Your driver sees the manifest in Sudzy Driver.

Configure Routes

In, go to Addons -> Routes -> Setup.

Click +Add Route. For each route configure:

  1. Route name
  2. Description (optional)
  3. Day of the week
  4. Start Time (must be in format 10:00 AM)
  5. End Time (must be in format 10:00 AM)
  6. Time to text reminder
  7. The text message template
  8. Timezone
  9. Enabled (true or false)

Download Routes

In Sudzy POS, go to Settings and click "Update Store Configuration."

List Routes and Add Customers

In Sudzy POS, go to the main page. Click the hamburger icon in the top left, then click Routes.

You will see a list of routes. You can add customers by clicking +Add in the top right. You can delete a customer from a route by clicking the trash icon in the bottom right of their tile.

View Deliveries In Driver App

See how you can view your deliveries in Sudzy Driver