Getting Started

With Sudzy POS

Welcome to the getting started guide. This guide takes you through the process of setting up the hardware and the software required to run your business. We will cover the following topics:

  1. Configure your store settings (about an hour) - in this step we will make sure that your store is defined in the system including the pricing, pricing rules, upcharges, employees and all other requirements.
  2. Setting up the hardware (about an hour) - in this step we will show you how to connect all hardware required to run your POS. For example, we will connect the printer to the cash drawer and the iPad with its mount.
  3. Installing Sudzy App - (about an hour) - in this step we will setup your iPad to have all necessary components to run the Sudzy App.
  4. Running the POS for the first time (about 10 minutes) - in this step we will start the Sudzy App and make sure everything is setup correctly.
  5. Feature overview (about an hour) - in this step we will go over the essential features that you need to know before start taking orders with Sudzy.

The system is ready at the store (Bronx, NYC)