View Deliveries

1. Click Deliveries button on Dashboard.

2. See list of deliveries on a map (see Image 1). If you are using the Driver app, the deliveries will appear there too.

3. To see your Delivery.com orders or orders from your website here, set up your web widget under Portal -> Add-ons -> Store.

Schedule Delivery

1. Click "+ Schedule" button.

2. Search for and select customer. If it's a new customer, click "+Signup New Customer."

3. If address missing, add address and click Save.

4. Select timeslot for pickup and optionally dropoff (see Image 2).

Assign Driver

1. Swipe left on the delivery and click "Assign." Select a driver to assign it to.

Delete Delivery

1. On Delivery page, swipe left on the delivery and click the Cancel button. (See Image 3)

View Delivery Order

When you schedule a pickup, an order is automatically created. So instead of going to Dropoff, you will go to Search, search for the customer, and pull up the order that way.

Note that delivery orders start with a 9 while walkin orders start with a 0.

(Image 1) See deliveries

(Image 2) Select delivery time

(Image 3) Delete delivery