Sudzy Factory

What is Sudzy Factory

Registering for Sudzy Factory


1. Setup Your Factory Flow

Sudzy Factory allows you to set up your own employees' workflow. For example, you can ask your employees to input the washing machine, dryers, weight, color of bag and so on. Here is how to set up your employees workflow:

1. Log in to on your computer.

2. Go to Factory -> Fields.

2. Set up the factory fields. Here's what the attributes mean:

  • Required: Whether your employee must enter a field to save a task.
  • Multiple: Whether multiple of the same field can be added. For example, if you set "Washing Machine" to multiple, your employees can enter multiple washing machines for the same task.
  • Productivity: You can optionally select one task field to track as your productivity metric. For example, if you set Weight to productivity, you will be able to compare your employees by the amount of weight they log.

2. Installing Sudzy Factory Station

1. Insert your iPad into the iPad Kiosk.

2. Set up your iPad following the instructions in the video below.

3. You can prevent your iPad from turning off (auto-locking) every few minutes. Go to iPad Settings -> General -> Auto-lock -> Never.

4. Go to the iPad App Store. Install the Sudzy POS app.

5. Log in to Sudzy POS with the username and password provided by Sudzy.

5. On the Sudzy POS homepage, click the icon in the top right. Go to Settings -> Preferences.

6. Turn on "Enable Factory Mode."

Sudzy Factory main page after your employee enters their pincode.

Note that employees using Factory should not clock in and out in the POS anymore. Factory will log their clock in and outs.

This is the employee workflow:

1. Enter PIN code

2. Click "Start Shift" at the beginning of the workday.

3. Click "New task" to go to the task creation page.

4. Click "List tasks" to see all tasks for the shift.

5. Click "Exit" if your shift isn't over yet but you want to close your page, for example if someone else is going to use your iPad during your shift.

6. Click "End shift" at the end of the workday.

New Task

Step 1. Enter ticket number

Step 2. (Optional) enter customer name

Step 3. Select group (e.g. default, hotel,

Step 4. Collect order data. Press the play button to start timing order. Click on the task fields to enter the data, for example weight, washing machine, etc.

To exit before the order is done: click "Save" in the top right.

To mark order as done: Press the stop button to stop the timer then click "Complete". The order will be marked as ready in the POS too. Click "Save" in the top right to return to the main page.

List Tasks

When you go to the "List Tasks" page you will see all orders from your shift. The ones are the left haven't been marked as "Complete". The ones on the right were marked as "Complete".

4. Reports

1. Log in to

2. To see employee clock ins and clock outs, go to Employees -> Timesheets.

3. To see Factory data, Go to Factory -> Worksheets.

4. Search by ticket, customer, employee, and/or daterange.

5. Export by clicking the purple button to the right of the daterange.